Q: Are you going to translate all of Mirage of Blaze / Kyou Kara Maou / x
A: Who knows? It's hard to predict what the future holds, and I don't like making promises I may not be able to keep.
Q: Why do you take so long between releases of x?
A: I'm just one person (with my computers), not a group, and like almost everyone else, I have bills to pay. Also, DIY projects!
Q: Can you translate x for me?
A: I have a difficult time translating anything I'm not at least slightly in love with, so probably not.
Q: Are you a professional translator?
A: ...Yes? If you count translating human language into computer language? Otherwise no.
Q: Do you have any plans to get your translations published?
A: Wow, I'm surprised that a few people actually asked me this. Um, thank you for regarding my work highly enough to ask, but not at the moment.
Q: I found an error in your translation/scanlation/research. What do I do?
A: Good for you! I'm always looking to improve my work, so please contact me.
Q: Can I translate your translations?
A: Sure, if your site meets the hosting/mirroring requirements below, but you really should be translating from the original. Translation is an interpretive process, so something is almost always lost or altered during translation, especially between such disparate languages as Japanese and English. If you decide to go ahead anyway, please courteous enough to provide a link back to this site.
Q: Can you provide me with cleaned images for re-scanlation?
A: I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time to do this for everyone that asks. I also cannot provide Japanese scans. If you desperately want the original Japanese, I encourage you to support the artist/author and purchase your own copy.
Q: Can I use your (manga text) translations in my scanlations?
A: I'm sorry, but no. The reason some manga translations on this site are scanlations and others are text-only is because of availability: the scanlated works are out of print and therefore difficult enough to get that I don't feel guilty about digitalizing my copy. The in-print works are hopefully easy enough to obtain (e.g. Amazon.jp), so please respect my wishes and do NOT use those translations in scanlations.


Q: Can I host/mirror your scanlations?
A: Yes, if (and only if) your site meets the following requirements:
  1. In the spirit of this site, your downloads (except for adult materials) are open and free to all WITHOUT requiring registration or membership or any other steps.
  2. An age check is done before access to works containing adult material.
Please be courteous enough to provide a link back to this site if you decide to mirror these files.
Q: Can I host/mirror your other works?
A: I don't see any benefit to mirroring text (much of which depends on integration into other features of this site), so no.